. Boycott Press For English - This *IS* America!! Boycott Press For English - This *IS* America!! Boycott Press For English - This *IS* America!!  

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Boycott Press For English is a political and economic action organization established to restore language unity within the United States of America: There is NO REASON an American should ever have to 'Press one for English' to communicate with anyone else in this country. If you have two choices of who to deal with and party 'A' wants you to 'Press one for English' and party 'B' does not make that ludicrious request, deal with party 'B' - boycott the 'press for English' system!!!

If you cannot communicate in English, learn the language!
If you do not want to learn the language, go back where you came from!

If you want to preserve your cultural heritage, you're welcome to do so: Open a museum, and preserve as much as you want.
If you don't want your cultural heritage preserved in a museum, go back where you came from, and preserve it there!

Today I discovered I needed a translator to find out what the inscription on the back of a 2022 United States quarter dollar coin means: It reads, in Spanish, "VOTO PARA LA MUJER" which means "VOTE FOR WOMEN" in English. There are two problems here:

Things you will soon be able to find here include:

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Boycott Press For English has not yet been established as a non-profit organization, so donations are not currently tax deductible. However, once the necessary paperwork has been completed and non-profit status has been achieved, donors will receive the documentation to support their tax deductible contributions.

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